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Gap Year Girl, Kat Herrlinger's Testimonial about Travel



How have you changed since taking the Intentional Gap Year Workshop?

Testimonial Kat Herrlinger Gap Year Girl 2019
Testimonial Kat Herrlinger Gap Year Girl 2019

I've made tough decisions to let go of everything I love to move forward. Even though the unknown's scary, it holds so many amazing surprises.

Before I started this program, I was unsure of which direction to go.

I wanted to take time to travel because I felt lost and wanted to find myself and figure out what I need to be happy and feel fulfilled. I likely would have gone through a year of traveling without finding what I was looking for, still unsure of myself and my future.

Now, going into my travels, I feel prepared for any challenge, and I know what I want.

The Gap Year Girls program has given me the tools I need to become my best self. I have made tough decisions to let go of everything I loved to move forward.

What would you share with other women that you learned by becoming a Gap Year Girl?

You must train your mind to work with you, not against you. I found that it is the hardest and yet most necessary to forgive myself.

Even though the unknown is scary, I know it holds so many amazing surprises.

I am learning how to take responsibility for how I feel and how I react to negative parts of my life. This allows me to regain control over any situation because when I am in charge of how I feel, I can do something about it.

I now feel aligned with what I truly want, and I am moving towards my goals every day.

Any last words about your experience with this workshop?

I am very thankful for Celeste guiding me through this wonderful workshop and helping me to break down my doubts and walls.

I would highly recommend this program to every young girl who feels like she needs time to travel and rediscover herself.


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