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TIGY Workshop Testimonial by Hannah Schultz-Durkacz



As a Gap Year Girl, what empowering decisions have you made during or after the program to align yourself with the life of your dreams?

Testimonial Hannah Jean Gap Year Girl 2019
Testimonial Hannah Jean Gap Year Girl 2019

I’ve made so many significant and empowering decisions that have helped me move closer to the life of my dreams.

Since working through the Gap Year Girls program, I have made so many significant and empowering decisions that have helped me move myself closer to the life of my dreams.

I have chosen to commit to a path that both terrifies me and inspires me, that feels in total alignment and also completely out of my comfort zone.

I have chosen growth.

I have chosen to listen to the calling of my heart and go back to school for Herbalism, a path that brings together my greatest passions and gifts and feels like my true soul’s calling.

I have also made the difficult decision to move home after three years on the road, working through and overcoming my limiting beliefs and fears that were holding me back from taking this step.

I have said “no” to paths and decisions that did not feel totally and 100% right for me, even when that was scary, and when other options had not yet presented themselves.

I have walked away from jobs that were not lighting me up, and created space for those soul-aligned YESES to come through.

I have chosen to face my shadows and darkness, the deeply entrenched patterns and reactions that were decades deep, holding me in repeating unhealthy cycles in my relationships.

I have chosen to take accountability and responsibility for my life and how I am showing up for others, recognizing that I am the common denominator, and actively choosing a new narrative.

I have chosen the slow and deliberate work of learning to respond rather than react, to recognize the limiting beliefs when they creep up in my mind, and to choose to have power over them rather than be ruled by them.

I have cultivated a new level of self-care, reliability and trust in myself, through slowly and intentionally making promises to myself and following through on them.

Some Take-Aways:

How to live my dream life?

I have built a morning routine that sets me up for a day of feeling magical and inspired, that reminds me I am the creator of my experience.

I have taken responsibility for my health and my well-being and chosen to create and nurture a new and healthier relationship with winter, a time of year that has historically challenged me.

How to stay present?

I am learning each day how to stay present and to face the uncertainty of my life with open arms, learning to love the questions in my heart, and learning to find the magic that is always present all around me, if only I remember to see it.

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