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Will you share with us where you were before, and now after having become a Gap Year Girl?

Testimonial Brooke Alexander Gap Year Girl 2019
Testimonial Brooke Alexander Gap Year Girl 2019

This program is a gift – it gave me the tools and support I need to step into my full power as a woman and create the life I want to live!

I had quit my job of 2 years in Tech PR just a few weeks before starting the Gap Year Girls program.

I knew I needed a change, a pause, and the time to envision my next chapter in life.

Even though I had been unhappy at my job for a long time, quitting, and going against the expectations of society left me feeling unsure, insecure, and overwhelmed.

The future felt daunting, and although in my heart I knew it was the right decision, I was quickly having doubts about my decision to prioritize my happiness over spending more than 40 hours a week at a job that provided me with no fulfillment.

How do the 5 principles – awareness, acceptance, alignment, action, accountability – work?

As I worked through the principles, I was led through exercises that grounded me into an awareness of myself, helped me to accept my past and current states, brought me into alignment with what is important to me now and in the future, created a clear action plan for looking ahead, and ensured I had the tools to stay accountable to myself and my dreams.

What changes have you experienced since becoming a Gap Year Girl?

I have seen all of these principles show up in extremely impactful ways in my day to day life.

Many of the journaling exercises I did in the program have now become conversation starters with friends and loved ones.

Having a greater awareness of myself and my emotions has made me a more communicative friend, partner, sister, daughter, and leader.

I feel beyond confident in my decision to have left my job and prioritized my emotional and mental well-being.

I see a clear path towards fulfillment – both personally and professionally.

I feel newfound confidence in myself and my ability to take care of my needs and wants.

I feel supported and know that Celeste and the Gap Year Girls community will always have my back!

Any final thoughts?

This program is a gift – it gave me the tools and support I need to step into my full power as a woman and create the life I want to live!

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