The Gap Year Girls – Online Pre-Departure Workshop – Gap Year 2020 – Guided Personal Development

The Gap Year Girls


Cultivate a Gap Year Mindset!

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Your World Is Inside

Explore your full potential

Can you have your most excellent adventure now?

Do you want the excitement of travel? To learn a new skill as a volunteer? To be thrilled about being on a college campus, or to show up for your dream job? We can prepare you for these experiences when they arrive.

The Intentional Gap Year™ is an accelerated program for self-discovery. It takes you on a journey to feel confident in your choices and build your personal foundation for what you really want when your outward discovery choices arrive.


You wouldn't start a project from the last instruction, so how can you work on your future if you are ignoring the present? Begin by focusing on who you are right at this moment.
You need your full power to face the next steps towards your dream life. When you take control of your mind, you will be able to better focus on what is coming next!

It is way easier to run away from your problems than to face them, so wouldn’t it be great to have a quick fix? Yes, but the road to a better self requires us to confront ourselves. Too often we do not accept who we fully are, leaving us trying to ignore how we actually feel. Your power is in the present and learning to have love and compassion for yourself makes it difficult to achieve so little when nothing can hold you back.

Have you ever wondered how to keep moving forward when things in life get difficult, or wondered how to start believing fully in yourself? The path towards achieving your goals requires a dive into the deep unknown, something even the bravest of us find daunting! Fear of the unknown is lessened and removed when you align who you are and clarify what you want and bring them together.

The time comes when it’s time to make things happen, because dreams do not come true by simply thinking about them. To turn your hopes and goals into reality, you need to take action. Starting is always the hardest part, right? By staying focused on your goals and reminding yourself why you want to do these, you will find that you have the courage to walk forward and have an impact in your own life.

For success and self-empowerment to be effective and for you to see change, you need to hold yourself accountable every day. Once you are truthfully accountable to yourself, you will become an influencer and a support to others like friends, family, online social network, and even other members of The Gap Year Girls. Being in a position to both give and receive builds strength in oneself and is the contribution for real growth.

Personal Empowerment Workshop

5-Principles That Will Change Your Life

We live in a world where many of us rush from one stage of our life to the next, eager to do the right thing and not fall behind. We have little time to breathe and even less time to figure out who we are and what it is that we want from life.

Enter the Gap Year Girls. We invite you to join us.

Together we focus on five life-changing principles explored in order of how you will apply them to any situation in your life.

We offer a unique workshop experience that has already changed the lives of women who were where you are now.

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How do you live an A+ life using key principles for self-empowerment? awareness, acceptance, alignment, action and accountability? presented by The Gap Year Girls
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